I make so much food over the week. I mean I really make a lot of food. I have a big family and I pretty much cook dinner 7 days a week! I am also not one to waste food either. With having such a big family our grocery bill is sky rocket high on a weekly basis. So, I look for ways to cut down on the cost of food. One way is to not waste your leftovers!

I am always thinking of creative ways to use leftovers to make another meal. I cook a lot of beef roasts and love to come up with creative ways o use it the next day. My most recent creation was absolutely delicious and super easy to make! I was in love with this dish the first time that I made it. I took the beef roast, shredded it and made BBQ beef roast.

I didn’t even use BBQ sauce! I used this wonderful recipe below and it turned out to be so scrumptious. I was wondering if it was going to taste like BBQ without an pre-made BBQ sauce. Turns out that this recipe tastes better than any BBQ sauce that you can buy in the store. This is exactly what I was craving and was so easy to make too!
This BBQ shredded beef is a terrific meal because you can serve it in a number of ways. I love to serve this beef over rice and make sweet cornbread. That is probably my favorite way to make it. But I can’t deny that this shredded beef tastes wonderful on a sandwich or in a wrap. I have even served it over boiled potatoes and mashed potatoes. This is a very versatile entree that you can you serve in countless ways. It’s easy and quick to make and your family will love it! Try it for yourself and serve it any way you want!

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