If you’re currently living in a home or working in an office that resembles a hot box, then our hearts are with you—it’s not easy to function when you’re constantly on the verge of overheating.

And while there certainly are a plethora of A/C options on the market for purchase, it’s no secret that these machines end up costing a pretty penny, especially when it comes to that dreaded energy bill.

Because we want you to be able to spend that hard-earned money on water parks and trips to the beach this summer, we have a hack for you today that will literally save you hundreds on cooling expenses—and the best part is that it only costs 8 bucks to make!

To get started on building your own air conditioner, first gather together these essential materials:

Styrofoam cooler
2 dryer vents
Tabletop fan
Precision knife
About 3 1-liter bottles of frozen water
Several ice packs (optional)

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