We have all heard about the importance of having good posture. So many of us have heard time and time again that sitting tall, holding your head high and keeping good posture is very important. However, besides looking poised, healthy and professional at all times, why is having good posture so important?

When you maintain good posture, your can reinforce the important alignment in your neck and back, and you can keep your spine straight, in line and healthy. Studies have shown that good posture can help you have more energy, less stress and avoid fatigue. In fact, good posture is essential if you want to stay physically fit. In summation, good posture is a sign of good health.

If you have poor posture, it is not only bad for your spine in the present, but it can also have disastrous effects later in life as well.
Change in Spinal Curve

One of the most prominent negative effects that we tend to see from poor posture is a change in the spinal curve. Your spine naturally has a certain curve to its shape. However, if you spend year after year sitting or standing with poor posture, your spine is put under a great deal of pressure. This is because you are putting your spine in unnatural a position.

These changes in the spinal curve can not only cause long-term pain and discomfort, but it can prevent your spine from being able to naturally absorb shock and maintain proper balance.

Poor Digestion

Studies have found that sitting all day with poor posture can impact your digestive organs. Poor posture actually compresses your digestive organs and leaves them incapable of functioning the way they should.

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