Moves cursor to address bar in web browsers
For Microsoft Word, jumps to next pane in a split screen
Ctrl + F6 allows you to toggle between multiple Word documents


Shift + F7 prompts the Thesaurus function to open in Microsoft Word
Alt + F7 checks spelling and grammar in MS Word documents


Launches safe mode when Windows boots up
In MS Excel, enables Extend Mode for arrow keys


Updates fields in Microsoft Word
Ctrl + F9 inserts empty fields in Word


Opens the menu bar
Shift + F10 operates as a right click
Ctrl + F10 maximizes a window in MS Word


Enters and exits full screen mode in web browsers
Shift + F11 adds a new spreadsheet in MS Excel


Opens the “Save As” command in MS Word
Shift + F12 saves the document in Word
Ctrl + F12 opens a document in Word

Keep in mind that on many laptop PCs, pressing the “Fn” on the keyboard will enable functions to use with F-keys on your computer such as those for multimedia. If those options are already enabled on your computer, you can deactivate them by going to the control panel.

With the amount of computers out there, many ways exist to customize your system’s programs. Therefore some of these tips may not work on your computer. Go ahead, try them and you can cut down on keystrokes and mouse clicks by using a few of these handy functions.

Were you already using some of these shortcuts? Which of these keys would you use the most to save time? What other keyboard shortcuts do you know? Tell us in the comments!

source : http://tiphero.com

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